Welcome to UNCG’s Psychology Department!

Our department is a caring community where we support student learning, conduct high-impact research, and contribute to Greensboro and the surrounding areas with our research and through our Psychology Clinic. I invite you to learn more about our department by exploring the website, but let me share a few reasons as to why I love UNCG Psychology.

Our students. We have curious, engaged students who are committed to helping their communities and excited to be learning and making discoveries about human behavior. Students are actively involved in their classes, working in research labs, writing grants to conduct their own independent research, and contributing to the local community through internships and research. Students at UNCG Psychology bring energy, new ideas, and passion that make our department an invigorating community! Our faculty are proud of our alumni who contribute significantly to our local community as they serve leaders in schools, community settings, business, and mental health.

Our faculty. Our faculty are dedicated to student learning and provide a scientifically grounded and innovative curriculum for all students. Our faculty excel in teaching large lecture courses, bringing material to life, as well as in small seminars where they create an atmosphere of shared curiosity. Faculty provide close mentorship to undergraduate and graduate students, helping them develop research and professional skills. 

Our research. Our research laboratories are led by our faculty who work collaboratively with graduate and undergraduate students in answering a wide array of questions concerning human behavior. I am ever impressed with the impactful, creative studies designed by students and faculty alike that lead to new insights that advance basic science and improve all of our lives—from helping to develop better mental health treatments to informing policy decisions.

Our values. As a department, we are committed to equity and inclusion in the classroom, our research endeavors, and our interactions with each other. We honor this commitment in our policies and practices, including our NextGen programs (both clinical and research focused).

Above all, it is the people that make our department so special: our students, faculty, and staff. People who help create an atmosphere that supports learning and scholarship. People who are engaging in rigorous science. People who are committed to improving their communities.

Please contact us if you would like any further information about UNCG Psychology. I have weekly office hours if you want to stop by and learn more!

Follow us on twitter (@UNCG_PSYCH) and check the NEWS link on our webpage, to keep up to date on our department. 


Gabriela Livas Stein, Ph.D.

Department Head