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Dear Alumni, Friends and Colleagues,

Educational opportunities such as studying abroad provide transformative experiences for undergraduate students.  Each semester, several students from the Psychology Department travel beyond the four walls of UNCG classrooms to the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, and Italy, just to name a few of the many possible destinations. This life-changing experience provides students with opportunities to develop a greater understanding of other cultures, global issues and perspectives, and different approaches to education, while also making new friends and engaging in self-discovery. 

The Psychology Department encourages students to study abroad.  To support student interest in studying abroad and to promote the realization that such an opportunity is possible, Advisors work with students to incorporate a semester (or more) of studying abroad into students’ long-term academic plans.  Importantly, in 2016, a scholarship fund was established to provide financial assistance—the Anthony J. DeCasper Memorial International Studies Scholarship Fund. The idea for the scholarship was initiated by Dr. Pam Ladrow to honor Dr. DeCasper and to foster the growth and development that she has seen firsthand in her role as Head Advisor and Coordinator of Study Abroad experiences in our department.

Dr. Anthony DeCasper, beloved colleague, renowned researcher, and professor emeritus in developmental psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, passed away July 4, 2016.

Dr. DeCasper’s ground-breaking research focused on prenatal and neonatal auditory perception as it contributes to the development of human cognitive abilities. His methods provided, among other breakthroughs, the first direct experimental evidence of human newborns recognizing their mothers’ voices, and in many ways revolutionized the field of developmental science by broadening our understanding of pre- and neonatal learning.

Tony, as he was known to us, traveled and collaborated extensively with colleagues abroad, and he understood the educational value of experiencing the world. You can perpetuate the legacy of Dr. DeCasper and ensure more psychology students are able to study abroad by making a gift of any size.  Thank you for showing our students the world.


Dr. Stuart Marcovitch, Head, Psychology Dept.

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