About Us

Message from the Head

Welcome to the Department of Psychology! Psychology is one of the most popular majors on campus and our undergraduates are consistently among the most celebrated students in the University. Our students receive instruction from internationally renowned researchers and are offered opportunities to work with faculty one-on-one by participating in collaborative research projects. Our graduate program is one of the oldest doctoral programs in the university and is well-known for its rigorous research and clinical training.

We operate under the principle that human behavior must be studied scientifically. Consequently, the research expertise of the faculty strongly influences their approach to teaching. Rather than focusing solely on the memorization of facts, we emphasize the application of the scientific method to thinking about mind, brain, and behavior. Learning directly from experts in the field provides a valuable connection to the material that goes beyond textbooks or TED talks. Consistent with the classic Liberal Arts mission, training in Psychology provides foundational knowledge, but also fosters critical thinking skills essential for lifelong decision making.

We translate our research expertise into an active program of community engagement in the Greensboro area. Our Psychology Clinic has served the community for over 35 years and accomplishes the dual purpose of providing affordable mental health care and training opportunities for our graduate students. Faculty and students also engage regularly with the community by offering talks, lectures, and other educational forums.

I invite you to browse through our web pages to learn about the diverse expertise of our faculty and the opportunities that we offer students. Please contact us if you would like more information. For real time departmental updates, please join our Facebook page.


Stuart Marcovitch, Ph.D

Department Head