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The Calm Before the Substantially-Less-Calm Thing: Fall 2016 is Almost Here

Posted on August 19, 2016 by Paul Silvia

It’s the afternoon on the last Friday of summer. On Monday, the Fall 2016 semester starts, and our ever-glamorous Eberhart Building will be packed with students and professors and rolling backpacks.

But for now, it’s the summerly calm before the semesterly storm. This place is vacant.


Downstairs, in rooms 284 and 250, our big lecture halls, the silence and stillness are eerie.


Of course, turning on the lights makes them much less eerie. There, that’s better!


I’ve been teaching in these rooms since 2002—way back when phones were dumb and backpacks lacked wheels—and I suspect that some professorly part of my brain has become conditioned to the sight of these chairs. When I see avocado green chairs with wood-grain tops—the official colors of the Eberhart Building, if I’m not mistaken—some pedagogical part of my brain says, “Let’s teach!”


The quiet of the summer is nice, but I always look forward to the cacophony and energy of the semester. So enjoy the weekend, one and all, because some serious psychology is going to happen in a few days in these avocado chairs.

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