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Congrats, Spring 2017 Grads! Or “I Think I Might Have Accidentally Graduated…”

Posted on May 5, 2017 by Paul Silvia

The academic year is winding down, and commencement is coming up. A big bunch of our majors are graduating this Spring—provided they aren’t afflicted by a sudden case of senioritis, which is real disease that ought to be in the next edition of the DSM.

We, your professors for a few more days, would like to offer our congratulations. We hope that your time as a PSY major has made you not only full of facts but also full of ideas, not only more knowledgeable but also more wise.

Graduation day is big fun. But the Monday after graduation day is a bit eerie. After the pictures have all been taken, the fancy dinners have been digested, and the cash bills in the envelopes have been counted, what next? When it comes to graduation, it’s all or nothing—no take backs or do-overs.

It’s an unsettling feeling to face the summer knowing that in August, you won’t be doing all of Fall’s familiar rituals, like buying textbooks and complaining about campus parking. Instead, in August you will be in the “real world.”

So what’s next now that you’re one of our PSY alumni instead of one of our PSY majors?

Keep in touch. You’re officially a member of the UNCG Alumni Association, a large and valiant group of Spartans. Membership in the Alumni Association is free for life, and you should connect and get involved with them.

And to keep in touch with us in PSY, connect with us on Facebook, which is where we post most of the news, events, happenings, and miscellaneous mental meanderings.

Drop by. We’ll be inviting you to on-campus events, from our patch at UNCG’s Homecoming to annual PSY events, like the annual Kendon Smith Lecture Series, as well as other alumni events large and small. Keep an eye on your e-mail for the details and drop by.

Update your digits. And speaking of e-mail, when you change your mailing or e-mail addresses, please remember to update your digits with the UNCG Alumni Association. When the PSY Department sends e-newsletters, e-mail invitations, and postcards, we use their address database.

Read to your brain. The most important thing we learn is how to learn. The science of psychology is always evolving, so you should keep up with it by reading good books. We’ll occasionally send suggestions via Facebook and e-mail newsletters, but should your mind be hungry over the summer, you might read Balance: In Search of the Lost Sense or Thinking, Fast and Slow.

Congratulations again. Our glamorous Eberhart Building has many doors that lead to many places—keep us posted about where you end up!

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