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Psi Chi/Psyc Club is Back!

Posted on August 25, 2017 by Paul Silvia

Ah, the Fall semester: it’s a time of change and renewal. The autumn leaves change colors (from Eberhart-chair avocado to bookstore-bag yellow), a new cohort of UNCG students starts college, and a new group of officers takes over at Psi Chi.

Our Psychology department has one of the largest and most active Psi Chi chapters in the Southeast. (I’m told it isn’t bragging if it is true…just saying…)

And so it begins again. Psi Chi recently kicked off the new academic year with a come-one, come-all general interest meeting. This meeting explains what the group is about and what we’ll be doing during the academic year.

Here are some of the new officers holding court and expounding the virtues of joining.

Our Psi Chi chapter is paired with the Psychology Club—they do all the same things. Students aren’t eligible for Psi Chi for at least a few semesters, but every PSY major and minor can join the Psychology Club. (All the details and requirements are described here.)

The event attracted a huge crowd—we are indeed one of the largest chapters around. Universities with twice as many students usually have half as many members.

Long-time readers of this blog will notice the chairs. Nothing says “Science!” like a 1970s avocado-green chair. I’ve long suspected that those chairs boost test scores by half a letter grade.

And it wouldn’t be a Psi Chi/Psyc Club meeting without sugary snacks. We like our carbohydrates like we like our psychological theories: highly refined.

Twinkies, people—this year’s officers went there. Without a doubt, this year’s slate of Psi Chi events will be both mind- and waistline-expanding.

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