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Signs of Grad School Interview Day

Posted on February 9, 2017 by Paul Silvia

Graduate school is unlike the undergrad years in so many ways. Among other things, there’s usually an interview day. The applicants in the “short list” travel to campus and meet with the professors and current grad students. It’s a chance for both sides to see how well the students and the program match up

My finely-tuned scientific radar recently detected evidence of a recent interview day. The signs were everywhere.

Big group of professors and grad students congregating? Check.

Small clusters of professors nonchalantly talking about the visiting applicants while trying to look like they aren’t? Check.

A strikingly elevated sartorial climate, usually involving button-up shirts, ties, or jackets? Check.

A table of pizza that looks like it was set upon by wolves and raccoons? Check.

But the biggest clue, the tell-tale sign that graduate students have been congregating, is this: an empty pizza box clawed to the last topping.

So if you’re one of our many students thinking about grad school, keep a few things in mind: you need to build strong skills now; dress nicely and prepare thoroughly for your interview day; and avoid, if at all possible, scraping leftover toppings from the empty pizza boxes.

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