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The Eberhart Building’s Windows to Nowhere

Posted on September 15, 2017 by Paul Silvia

The UNCG campus has many, many buildings: old ones, new ones, fancy ones, simple ones. But the Eberhart Building—the place we in psychology call home—is in a class of its own.

Our students and alumni probably know many of this odd building’s quirks, but Eberhart still holds some surprises.

One of the weirdest things about Eberhart is the high prevalence of windows that look out on nothing. Here’s one from the 5th floor.

Step closer, and behold the spectacular view!

If you are thinking, “Hey, I think that window looks out on a brick wall 8 feet away,” you could be correct.

Let’s move in for a closer look.

Yup. It’s a wall 8 feet away.

Eberhart is stuffed with windows like this. I’m beginning to suspect that these “windows to nowhere” are an eerie metaphor for something, but what?

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