How do I set up an appointment?

  1. If you would like to make an appointment by phone, you can call the clinic at (336)-334-5662 between 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. During this time, our clinic staff will complete a brief phone screen.
  2. If you would like to make an appointment online, you may complete our secure online client interest form. Our clinic staff will contact you to complete a brief phone screen.

The purpose of the initial phone screen (10-15 minutes) is to obtain general information about you and receive electronic paperwork. Once you have been added to our client record system, a screening clinician will contact you to schedule a virtual screening appointment (30 minutes – 1 hour). The purpose of this screening appointment is to learn more about your current difficulties and referral needs. We want to make sure that we are able to offer you the services you are looking for. Once you have completed the screening, you will be added to the clinic waitlist and matched with your assigned clinician to start testing and/or therapy.

Are you the University Counseling Center?

No. The University’s Student Counseling Center, which is specifically for students, is located on the 2nd floor of the Anna M. Gove Student Health Services Center on UNCG’s campus. You can find their website here.

 Do you see people who are not UNCG students, faculty, or staff?

Yes. While some of our clients are students, faculty, or staff from UNCG, we are an outpatient mental health clinic serving the Greensboro community as well as the larger Piedmont Triad area.

 Where are you located? Where do I park?

We are located at 1100 West Market Street in Greensboro, NC on the 2nd floor. There are parking spaces around the back of the building that have signs that are specifically for clients of the Psychology Clinic while you attend your appointment.

 Do you have a psychiatrist on staff? Do you prescribe medications?

No. Some of our clients that we work with take medications of some kind but are not prescribed through our clinic. If clients are in need of medications or physical evaluations we can make referrals to one of the community mental health centers or to local private psychiatrists.

Can I request a particular therapist?

We do our best to match clients with therapists they will feel comfortable with, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to honor any particular request. It depends upon the availability of therapists and upon the availability of openings in their caseloads.

Are your services confidential?

Yes. Our ethical and legal obligations insofar as confidentiality is concerned are the same as those for any other mental health clinic or psychologist in private practice. We do not disclose any information about our clients or their identities without their written authorization to do so. There are, however, some legal and ethical limitations on our ability to maintain confidentiality in certain cases. We are, for example, legally or ethically obligated to break confidentiality if it is necessary in order to prevent clients from harming themselves or someone else. We also are legally obligated to respond to court orders and subpoenas as well as to report cases of child/elder abuse or neglect. Clients of the clinic are given written information concerning the limitations on confidentiality.

What services do you offer?

The UNCG Psychology Clinic offers individual and group therapy services for children, adolescents, and adults for a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, interpersonal concerns, behavior, parenting, and other mental health concerns. We emphasize time-limited, evidence-based treatment, which means that in the majority of cases treatment will last for 16 sessions or less. We also offer comprehensive psychological assessment services for individuals across the lifespan. Please see our youth therapy, adult therapy, group therapy, youth testing, or adult testing pages for more information about our services.

What are the fees?

  • Prior to receiving services, clients will complete a brief screening interview. The purpose of the screening interview is to gather background information and determine whether our services are a good fit for you/your child’s needs
    • The standard charge for the screening session is $20.
    • This fee is waived for Sandhills Medicaid, Healthy Blue, and NC Health Choice individuals.
    • This fee is reduced to $15 for UNCG students.
  • Standard therapy services are billed at $105 per hour without financial assistance
  • Testing services are offered at a package rate based on a financial assistance scale
    • Therapy and testing services are offered at a discounted rate for UNCG student, faculty, and staff
  • As we strive to ensure that our services are affordable for as many as possible, individuals and families are encouraged to apply for financial assistance for services. Please see below for an explanation of the application process.

Do you accept insurance?

We do accept Sandhills Medicaid provided by Guilford County. We are not able to accept Medicaid from other counties at this time. We also accept Healthy Blue and NC Health Choice insurance. We are currently out of network with all private insurance companies, however, if you still wish to use insurance, we can provide you with a Superbill (i.e., itemized list of all services provided to a client) so that you may submit this to your provider directly for potential reimbursement. You will be responsible for paying the full testing fee and may be reimbursed by insurance per their policy. (NOTE: This option can not be used in combination with the Financial Assistance Scale)

How can a client obtain a reduced fee using the Financial Assistance Scale?

Evaluations and therapy services may be provided to clients at a reduced fee based on annual income and number of dependents. Copies of the client or family’s most recent tax return, W2 forms, pay stubs, etc. are required to verify income and qualify for a reduced rate. The majority of our clients qualify for some level of financial assistance. Please contact our front desk to receive a quote and get started with financial assistance at (336) 334-5662.

What is a Training Clinic?

We train students seeking a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Our providers are graduate students under the supervision of licensed psychologists and health service providers in North Carolina. The supervision in our clinic consists of digital recording of sessions and close monitoring of service to ensure we are providing the highest quality of care to our clients. We emphasize time-limited, evidence-based treatment, which means that in the majority of cases treatment will last for 16 sessions or less.

If you would prefer a local private psychologist, we are happy to refer you somewhere else that best fits your needs.