Screening Appointment:

  • The standard fee for a screening appointment is $20
  • The screening fee is waived for Sandhills Medicaid and NC Health Choice individuals
  • The screening fee is reduced to $15 for UNCG students

Therapy Services:

  • The standard fee for therapy services is $105 per hour

Testing/Evaluation Services: 

  • The standard fee for testing services is $105 per hour
  • Clients will be billed per hour for test administration, interpretation of the results, and report writing

We recognize that our standard fee rates may increase a client’s financial burden. As we are committed to increasing access to mental health services for underserved individuals and families through providing affordable, high quality services, all clients have the option to apply for financial assistance based on a sliding scale fee system.

We accept clients with Sandhills Medicaid and NC Health Choice insurance. UNCG students, faculty, and staff receive services at a discounted rate. Several of our testing services are offered at a packaged rate and our group therapies are offered at a flat fee rate.

Please contact the Clinic for more information and for a fee estimate.