Head shot of Dr. Gabriela Livas Stein

Congratulations to Gabriela Livas Stein, who has published (with co-editor Dawn Witherspoon) the volume, “Diversity and developmental science: Bridging the gaps between research, practice, and policy.” This work grew out of a preconference at the 2018 SRCD meeting.

From the publisher’s website: “This book examines the challenges faced by developmental scientists as the population under the age of 18 in the United States has become a majority-minority, with no racial/ethnic group having a numeric majority. The volume tackles how these demographic shifts compel scientists to consider the unique and universal processes that promote the growth, thriving, and resilience of these populations across this new landscape and also takes into account systems of oppression, power, privilege, racial justice, and structural disadvantage. It describes the challenges of conducting research with diverse populations and offers practical methodological solutions.”