Faculty & Staff

Faculty Awards, Honors, and Editorships


Early Career Award, American Psychological Association (Division 10: Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts)
Paul Silvia (2005)

Anxiety and Depression Association of America, Early Career Travel Award
Suzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn (2014)

Beck Institute Scholar
Kari M. Eddington (2003-2004)

Latino Diamante Award in Education
Gabriela Stein (2012)

Millenium Scholar Senior Mentor
Julia Mendez (2009)

Minority Access National Role Model
Gabriela Stein (2017)

Outstanding Mentor Award, National Head Start Bureau
Julia Mendez (2002, 2004)

Rising Star in Clinical Science, Association for Psychological Science
Blair Wisco (2014)

Fellow Status

Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Kari M. Eddington

American Psychological Association
George F. Michel, Division 6 (1998) and Division 3 (2000)

Association for Psychological Science
Michael J. Kane (2009)
George F. Michel (2011)

Presidencies and Office Roles

Division 10 of the American Psychological Association (Society for the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts)
Paul Silvia, President-Elect (2014) and Treasurer (2010-2012)

Harvard Medical School, Psychiatry Department
George F. Michel, Officer (1985-1998)

International Society for Developmental Psychobiology
George F. Michel, President (2005-2006) and Governing Board Member (1996-2006)

Jean Piaget Society Board of Directors
Janet Boseovski (2018-present)

Latino Caucus of the Society for Research in Child Development
Gabriela Stein, Chair (2015-2017)

Psychonomic Society Governing Board
Michael J. Kane (2018-present)

Society for the Study of Motivation
Paul Silvia, Executive Committee (2007-2009)



Cognitive Development
Stuart Marcovitch (2017-present)

Developmental Psychobiology
George F. Michel (2002-present)

Associate Editor

Cognitive Psychology
Michael J. Kane (2009-2013)

Developmental Psychology
Susan Calkins (2005-2010)
Stuart Marcovitch (2013-present)

Memory and Cognition
Michael J. Kane (2005-2008)

Motivation and Emotion
Paul Silvia (2006-2010)

Personal Relationships
Levi R. Baker (2018-present)

Editorial Board/Consulting Editor

Adversity and Resilience Science
Julie Mendez-Smith (2019-present)

Behaviour Research and Therapy
Blair Wisco (2016-present)

Behavior Therapy
Blair Wisco (2014-present)

Cognition and Emotion
Blair Wisco (2016-present)

Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology
Gabriela Stein (2014-present)

Developmental Psychology
Janet Boseovski (2013-2015)
Robert Guttentag (2013-2015)
Stuart Marcovitch (2011-2012)
Gabriela Stein (2016-present)

Empirical Studies of the Arts
Paul Silvia (2006-present)

Frontiers in Cognition
Michael J. Kane (2012-2015)

Journal of Abnormal Psychology
Suzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn (2018-present)

Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology
Julia Mendez (2016-present)

Journal of Creative Behavior
Paul Silvia (2006-present)

Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
Janet Boseovski (2013-present)

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied
Dayna R. Touron (2017-present)

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
Michael J. Kane (2004-2006; 2017-present)

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition
Peter F. Delaney (2009-present)

Journal of Early Intervention
Julia Mendez (2008-2012)

Journal of Latina/o Psychology
Gabriela Stein (2015)

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Levi R. Baker (2018)

Journal of School Psychology
Julia Mendez (2008-2011)

Memory & Cognition
Peter F. Delaney (2008-2009)
Michael J. Kane (1999-2004; 2009-present)

National Association of Head Start: A Research to Practice Journal
Julia Mendez (2010-2012)

Personality and Individual Differences
Kari Eddington (2015)

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Paul Silvia (2006-present)

Psychology and Aging
Dayna R. Touron (2016-present)

Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts
Paul Silvia (2006-present)

Psychological Bulletin
Michael J. Kane (2014-present)

Self and Identity
Ethan Zell (2012-present)

Social Development
Janet Boseovski (2019-present)

Social Psychology
Paul Silvia (2007-present)

Social Psychological and Personality Science
Levi R. Baker (2018-present)

Guest Editor or Special Section Reviewer

Special Issue of Cognitive Development:  “The Potential Contribution of Computational Modeling to the Study of Cognitive Development: When, and for What Topics?”, November, 2012
Stuart Marcovitch (with Phillip D. Zelazo)

Invited Reviewer, Special Section of Family Process
Gabriela Stein

Special Issue of Journal of Experimental Child Psychology: “The Development of Prospective memory in Childhood”, November, 2014
Stuart Marcovitch (with Caitlin Mahy and Matthias Kliegel)