Living in Greensboro

Greensboro is a growing and vibrant small city with nearly a quarter million inhabitants. It was called the “Gate City” because of its historic railroads and retains the name because many major highways cross here. As a transportation and manufacturing hub, Greensboro has attracted companies like Federal Express and Dell to the area. The road system is constantly expanding and it’s easy to get anywhere in Greensboro quickly and safely.

Greensboro’s proximity to the major cities of North Carolina is another attraction. Greensboro is a part of the so-called “Piedmont Triad” that includes Burlington, Winston-Salem, High Point, and Greensboro. It’s also only a short drive to Charlotte, Ashboro, and Raleigh/Durham. Access to all of these other venues makes Greensboro an attractive place to live. It’s not as expensive as the other cities of North Carolina, but it has easy access to all of the excitement of big-city living.

Natural Beauty. Greensboro and its environs have many beautiful parks and areas for outdoor recreation. It’s also only a few hours from the famous Carolina beaches and the Appalachian mountain range. Winters are mild and the trees change to brilliant colors during the fall. In the spring and summer, Greensboro earns its reputation as a “city of flowers”.

Culture and Social Events. Greensboro is known for its writers and was home to the famous American writer O’Henry. Today, science fiction superstar Orson Scott Card makes his home here as well as numerous other local writers. Downtown Greensboro has been enjoying a revival of late, with outdoor cafes, dance clubs, and other attractions. Culturally, it is host to the Eastern Music Festival every year which brings upwards of fifty symphonic and classical musicians to Greensboro to perform. Concerts are also hosted downtown to draw people to the city center. There is a ballet, several stage theaters, a comedy club, and of course a Civic Center that brings major musical and theatrical acts to town. Several art galleries display works by local and national artists. Add to that the fact that there are several colleges and universities hosting their own cultural, artistic, and creative endeavors and it becomes a great place to live.

Sports. Greensboro is most known for being the annual host of the NCAA college basketball tournament, which takes place annually at the Civic Center. The GSO Grasshoppers, a minor league baseball team, host regular games at their stadium in downtown Greensboro. And UNCG has its own sports; our collegiate soccer teams have consistently been among the best in the country.

Internationalism and Multiculturalism. For a small city, Greensboro has exceptional access to international products and restaurants. Part of that comes from the fact that several different colleges and universities make their homes in the Greensboro area, which draws thousands of international students to the area. Specialty grocers for middle eastern, European, African, Indian, Asian, Russian and Latin goods are readily available in the city (among others). There is even a Russian-language newspaper available for free and published in Charlotte.

Greensboro is also a symbol of resistance to oppression and a bastion of African-American culture. Quaker settlers in Greensboro established the underground railroad in the 1830s which led thousands to freedom. In 1960, four students from NC A&T university in Greensboro staged the first sit-in of the civil rights movement at Woolworth’s downtown. Today, Greensboro is home to the Greensboro Cultural Center, which contains a gallery dedicated to emerging and modern African-American art (the Atelier) and that was funded almost entirely by local donations.

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