Statement about Diversity and Inclusion

The clinical program is committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in research, service and practice. We define diversity broadly including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, socioeconomic status, and other attributes that contribute to one’s social identity, which we recognize as being shaped by individual historical experience. We strive to create an environment that welcomes diverse perspectives and fosters engaged conversations about how best to address multiculturalism and diversity in research and clinical work. These conversations and training are evident across our coursework and through invited speakers, workshops, and research presentations. Our community mental health training clinic serves a diverse population, including families across the socioeconomic spectrum and from a variety of racial, ethnic, and immigrant groups (UNCG Psychology Clinic). Our community outreach programs to Newcomer’s School and our federally-funded training (HRSA) collaborations with Cone Health System, Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine (a federally Qualified Health Center), the Durham VA and the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) also make significant contributions to our diversity training. We have faculty with specific expertise in multicultural issues to help foster student growth in these areas (Drs. Jensen and Mendez Smith). We also recognize that research questions are enhanced when diversity is considered in conceptualization, design, and analyses. Students are exposed to this perspective across their coursework and in their research requirements. These experiences prepare students to work with a wide range of populations in both their clinical work and research.

We are also committed to creating a vibrant diverse environment. We actively recruit for diversity in faculty, staff and graduate students; our efforts in this latter domain are enhanced through initiatives like the Running Start program.  We recognize that a diverse workforce is essential for serving the needs of our diverse state and nation.

To complement these experiences, the Diversity Club at UNCG is a student-led group devoted to celebrating diversity and raising awareness about inequalities and individual differences among all people. The club organizes several experiences and community outings each year where students, faculty and staff meet to expand their multicultural awareness.