Experimental Child Psychology

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Unique to the Triad and surrounding areas, we have a strong concentration of faculty with expertise in experimental child psychology across diverse domains. Prospective graduate students with particular interests in experimental developmental training are encouraged to contact us directly for more information.

Areas of Interest and current projects

Dr. Janet Boseovski studies children’s trait attributions, selective social learning, and the role of individual differences (e.g., executive functioning) in children’s social judgments and decision making. Dr. Stuart Marcovitch studies executive functioning and the development of conscious control of behavior across the lifespan. Dr. Jasmine DeJesus investigates the development of social cognition, with particular interests in children’s social reasoning in the context of food. Dr. Shaylene Nancekivell studies how children think about their own and others’ possessions, child and adult reasoning about material culture, and people’s beliefs about learning and education. 

Much of our work is collaborative. For example, Drs. Boseovski and Marcovitch are currently working on a series of projects that examine the relation between various aspects of executive functioning and children’s social judgments and decision making. Drs. Boseovski, Marcovitch, and York University collaborator Dr. Jeni Pathman are studying children’s critical thinking, memory, and learning in science museums. The interactive nature of our work is a major advantage for our gradate students in offering them the opportunity to gain experience in multiple domains.

Connections to other Southeastern researchersCandy_CDS

We have established connections for potential cross-collaborations with several other faculty in the Southeast whose research programs include experimental developmental work: Dr. Christopher Erb (University of Auckland), Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey (North Carolina State University), Dr. Simone Nguyen (UNC-Wilmington), and Dr. Makeba P. Wilbourn (Duke University).