Children’s Memory and Learning in Science Museums

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Drs. Janet Boseovski, Stuart Marcovitch, and collaborator Jeni Pathman have a multi-year, community engaged research   partnership with the Greensboro Science Center (GSC). Together with graduate students Kathleen Bettencourt, Jessica Caporaso, Kimmy Marble, and Levi Stubblefield, we are examining children’s critical thinking, learning, and memory in naturalistic and laboratory settings.

Research Projects

Recent projects have explored:

  1. What children learn at different kinds of exhibits (e.g., natural/outdoor vs. technological/indoor).
  2. The influence of type of information (i.e., positive, negative, or neutral) on children’s in-the-moment learning and memory for exhibit information.
  3. How children and parents respond to messages about conservation. 

Opportunities for Graduate Students

Prospective students are encouraged to contact us individually for information about opportunities for involvement in these projects.