Children’s Memory and Learning in Science Museums

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Welcome to our page!

Drs. Janet Boseovski, Stuart Marcovitch, and collaboratory Jeni Pathman are very excited to announce that we have started a community-engaged research partnership with the Greensboro Science Center (GSC). Together with postdoctoral scholar Dr. Courtney Ball and our graduate and undergraduate student research teams, we are examining children’s critical thinking, learning, and memory in naturalistic and laboratory settings.

Research Projects

Currently, we are exploring how different types of media (e.g., Ipads/technology vs. interactive exhibits) impact children’s learning and retention of information in the GSC setting. Our research at the GSC will be complemented by laboratory experiments that will assess these questions systematically and also look at the impact of various individual difference factors (e.g., executive functioning; parenting style) on children’s learning. Finally, we hope to gather information about brain-behavior relations by recording event-related potentials (ERPs) to study the time course and nature of neural processes that are associated with children’s learning and memory of scientific information.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

Prospective students are encouraged to contact us individually for information about opportunities for involvement in these projects.