Info for Transfer Students

For admissions information, visit UNCG Admissions.

Transfer Requirements

There are two sets of requirements for graduation: Major Requirements and General Education Requirements. All transfer students with a psychology major must follow the GEC-CAR General Education Requirements.

1. GEC-CAR requirements for PSY majors are listed in the UNCG Catalog. You can also perform a “degree audit” on yourself at any time using the UNCGenie system. If you need help creating a degree audit, you should sign up for Staff Advising.

2. One restriction for PSY majors: PSY majors who have not placed out of the math requirement must take one of three courses to satisfy the GMT (math) requirement. They are: MAT 115, MAT 150, or STA 108.

Transferring Psychology Courses to UNCG

UNCG welcomes transfer students from many universities worldwide. For most courses, the admissions department makes determinations about what courses will transfer and what courses will not be counted. To learn more about how transfer credit is handled, please see: https://admissions.uncg.edu/apply/transfer/how-will-my-credits-transfer/

* For many courses, you can submit your transcripts to admissions@uncg.edu and the admissions office will evaluate what courses will transfer in, and as what number.

* ‘Elective’ credits: If UNCG assigns a course the number “000” (for example, PSY 000) but credit is indicated, that means we have no such course at UNCG, but you have received credit for an elective course. It counts towards the required number of hours for graduation, but does not meet a requirement. If you think you should have gotten credit for a transfer course that you need for GEC/CAR, but it came in as a 000 course, you can submit a petition to have it evaluated here: https://reg.uncg.edu/forms/online-gec-petition-for-transfer-credit/

* For many courses at the 300 or higher level, the department’s director of undergraduate studies must make a determination about whether or not your course should be transferred as something other than an elective (PSY 000). Sometimes admissions will request these be evaluated for credit, but if not, you can request that admissions ask the department to evaluate the course for transfer, especially if you see a course that is similar listed in our catalog.

To Contact Our Director of Undergraduate Studies: Undergraduate Program Director