Info for Transfer Students

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Transfer Requirements

There are two sets of requirements for graduation: Major Requirements and General Education Requirements. All transfer students with a psychology major must follow the GEC-CAR General Education Requirements.

1. GEC-CAR requirements for PSY majors are listed in the UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin. You can also perform a “degree audit” on yourself at any time using the UNCGenie system. If you need help creating a degree audit, you should sign up for Staff Advising.

2. One restriction for PSY majors: PSY majors who have not placed out of the math requirement must take one of three courses to satisfy the GMT (math) requirement. They are: MAT 115, MAT 150, or STA 108.

New PSY major requirements: Fall entrants are required to take 35 credit hours in psychology, including PSY 121, PSY 310 or MAT 271 (statistics), and PSY 311 (Research Methods, with lab).

Recommendation: **** Complete PSY 310 and 311 by the end of your junior year ****

Transferring Psychology Courses to UNCG

If you are coming from a North Carolina Community College, you can learn what courses will transfer using a big, searchable table of courses available from the registrar at the N.C. Community College Course Equivalencies page. The process for transferring courses is otherwise the same no matter what school(s) you are coming from:

1. On admission to UNCG, you will receive a Transfer Equivalency Worksheet indicating how UNCG has evaluated all courses for which you received credit at another university or college.

2. Each course’s Institutional Equivalent at UNCG will be indicated by a UNCG prefix (e.g. PSY) a number (e.g. 300), and an amount of credit (e.g. 3.00).

3. If the course’s equivalent UNCG number is “000”, but credit is indicated, that means we have no such course at UNCG, but you have received credit for an elective course. It counts toward the required number of hours for graduation, but does not meet a requirement.

4. Match up numbers of the transferred courses with the course numbers of your major and CLER / AULER requirements (see the University Bulletin). If it matches, you’ve met the requirement.

5. If you think you should have gotten credit for a course that you need, but didn’t receive the credit, pick up a transfer credit request form in the Department of Psychology, Eberhart 296. Fill out the form. Provide information about the course, and leave it with Ms. Melinda Wolf (room 296, Eberhart Building). We will evaluate its similarity to our major and send our recommendation to Student Academic Services.

NOTE: We cannot evaluate credit for courses to be used to meet AULER CLER requirements, unless they are psychology courses. See Student Academic Services to request a special assessment of those courses. Recruitment staff in Undergraduate Admissions can answer questions about applying to UNCG as a transfer student. Contact them at 336-334-5243 or admissions@uncg.edu.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Kari Eddington