Portfolio Requirements

Overview & Purpose

As a psychology major you are required to complete a Personal Portfolio that is representative of your best work as a psychology major. The department will maintain these portfolios; however, it is your responsibility to build your portfolio as you progress through the psychology curriculum.

One purpose of the portfolio requirement is to enable the psychology faculty to evaluate the success of our undergraduate curriculum. That is, we want to know if the curriculum is fulfilling its stated goals and purpose. The goals we have for the curriculum are as follows:

  1. To provide an understanding of the use of scientific methodology in psychological research at both intermediate and advanced levels. This understanding will include a familiarity with the design of observational, survey, and experimental studies; principles of inference from scientific data; the logic of statistical testing; and the use of scientific literature.
  2. To provide basic knowledge in primary areas of the discipline through an array of required intermediate-level core courses.
  3. To develop depth of understanding in areas of the discipline specific to students’ individual interests.
  4. To ensure that students can write clearly and effectively in an appropriate professional style.

In addition, the portfolio serves as an important resource for faculty whom you will ask to write recommendations for you in future graduate school and job applications.

Portfolio Items and Procedure

As you progress through the psychology major, you will be required to include a minimum of 3 pieces of work in your portfolio. These portfolio items will come from your course work; you do not have to do additional assignments to fulfill the portfolio requirement. Items for your portfolio may include research reports, term papers, research proposals, essay exams or anything else the instructor indicates is appropriate. You may choose to include additional items in your portfolio. You may want to think of each additional item as a “showcase item” that represents work about which you are particularly proud.

The first item that will go into your portfolio will be a scientific paper from PSY 311L. At the end of this semester, you must turn in the final draft of your paper from PSY 311L, along with the “Personal Portfolio Cover Sheet” with your name and student ID (you can download the cover sheet from the Files section of our Canvas Psychology Undergraduates organization). In many cases, your instructor will assist with this process. We will then place these items in a portfolio to be kept by the department. In subsequent semesters, you should add to your portfolio with items from your 400-level courses. You may add items from other courses as well, including papers or proposals generated in independent study courses such as Psy 433 or Psy 490. Each item should be turned in to the Psychology Main Office with an attached cover sheet. Your instructor can help you complete the “learning objectives” section of the form.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Kari Eddington