UNCG Psi Chi & Psychology Club

2017-2018 UNCG Psi Chi & Psyc Club Newsletter

Greetings from us, your friendly neighborhood Psi Chi officers and faculty adviser, and welcome to our 2017-2018 “rolling newsletter”! We’ll update this page as the academic year goes on with news, updates, and pictures of our events.

You can also see what we’re up to on Twitter (@PsiChiUNCG) and Facebook (UNCG Psi Chi)

It’s going to be another action-packed year!

Past Events

August 2017

Our first meeting of the year drew a huge crowd of students. This was our “general interest” kick-off meeting to describe who we are and what we plan to do this year.

We were delighted that so many of you joined Psi Chi and Psyc Club after the meeting—welcome to the group!

You can read all about our first meeting here. As usual, much information was shared…and much sugar was consumed.

September 2017

September saw our first academic event of the year: Grad School Night.

This is a popular event that we put on every year. The goal is to answer questions about grad school, such as what it is, what being a grad student is like, how you apply, and what students can do now to be competitive.

A panel of 5 graduate students (all Psi Chi members, too, naturally) and Paul, our faculty adviser, offered some of their ideas, advice, and experiences to the big group of attendees.

The rain from Hurricane Irma wasn’t enough to deter our valiant members. Our thanks to the graduate students for volunteering their time and experience!

October 2017

October brought a great talk from UNCG’s own Elizabeth Lindsey, who talked to our group about careers in Social Work. Quite a lot of our PSY majors go on to graduate school in Social Work, so it’s important to hear about your options early.

And we cranked up our preparations for the SEPA conference with several information sessions. It looks like at least a dozen of us will be traveling to the SEPA conference in March, 2018!

November 2017

In November, the last month of the semester, when stress is high and finals are looming, we held our traditional Psychology Move Night. Dr. Levi Baker picked the movie—12 Angry Men, a classic—and introduced it with some ideas from social psychology.

And yes, that is indeed an enormous amount of pizza right there in front of Levi.

There’s nothing like a black-and-white movies and lots of pizza to help get you ready for finals week.

February 2018

In February, we held an informative and slightly nerve-wracking event devoted to mastering interviews and personal statements. A panel of graduate students and faculty offered advice about these anxiety-provoking topics.

With some preparation and planning, students can nail these pivotal parts of applying for jobs and grad school spots.

And the gears started moving for our annual trip to SEPA. This year, around 15 of us will be attending the annual convention of the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA), which is in Charleston, SC, in March, to present our research.

We held our pre-SEPA “Pizza & Posters” session the week before the conference so our many student presenters could practice before a live audience and our other members could learn about their research.

It was fun and jam-packed.

March 2018

The big event in March was the annual SEPA conference. Over 10 of us traveled to SEPA in Charleston, SC, to present posters, network, and learn about what’s happening in psychology.

We also held our annual “Research Experience Night,” where a huge crowd of members learned about opportunities to get involved in research labs for next semester.

April 2018

In April, we elected next year’s officers. Congratulations to our new leadership crew:

  • President: Courtney Pittman
  • Vice-President: David Tripp
  • Treasurer: David Harp
  • Secretary: Kestyn Harris

Next up is our annual induction ceremony, the event that welcomes new members are signals the end of our year.