Study Abroad

The Department of Psychology participates in Study Abroad Programs offered through the International Programs Center at UNCG.  Students can immerse themselves in a new cultural context while also earning PSY, GEC, language, or elective credits toward their degrees. 

Study abroad does not require that you know a foreign language, although if you do, it can be a perfect opportunity to strengthen your language skills and cultural knowledge. The department works with majors to select courses that will transfer back so that students can stay “on track” in the program. In some cases, it’s possible to choose study abroad locations where undergraduates can get involved in research with faculty there.

For more information, please visit studyabroad.uncg.edu. This website has lots of helpful information
about the programs, finances and scholarships application information, and other details. You are
especially encouraged to take part in Study Abroad 101; this is the module that you will see on the main
home page. This quick module provides a great overview of all the different types of study abroad
programs UNCG offers as well as other info on how to search for programs and how to get the
process started. In addition, you can check out the brochure we have created about study abroad
programs specifically for psychology majors.

Study Abroad Contact: Dr. Pam Ladrow   

To Contact Our Director of Undergraduate Studies: Undergraduate Program Director