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Campbell now on Faculty at Illinois State University

Dr. Julie Campbell (PhD, 2015) is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Illinois State University.

Julie’s appointment as a faculty member extends to both the developmental and quantitative graduate programs. Her research interests and expertise center on the development of hemispheric specialization, lateralization, handedness, motor development, and quantitative methods.

Julie earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology under the direction of Dr. George Michel. She has published her research in several prestigious academic journals, including Developmental Psychobiology and the International Journal of Behavioral Development. Recently, she was awarded a New Faculty Initiative Grant by the Illinois State University Research Grant program to fund a project in which she will track the head orientation preferences of newborns and subsequently assess their hand preferences to examine the relation between these two developmental behaviors. 

Concerning her success in earning her degree and securing a faculty position, Julie credits the Psychology Department at UNCG for providing “a rich learning environment in which I was able to gain insight about conducting research. The seminar courses, in particular, allow the faculty to shine. Because the faculty are able to tailor the topic of these courses to their own knowledge areas, the class is able to dive into each topic on a deeper level.” She also credits Dr. Michel for helping her to gain “knowledge that I use every day to conduct research independently, to teach, to interact and collaborate with my faculty peers, and to become a successful mentor myself.”

We congratulate Julie on her success and wish her all the best in the future.