Psychology department alumni awards

Nominations for the 2023 Alumni Awards are now open! See details and award descriptions below. Alumni from our undergraduate and graduate programs are invited to apply. Deadline for receipt of applications is April 1, 2023.  

Background: The Alumni Awards were conceptualized by Dr. Susan Keane, Professor and Director of Clinical Training. Dr. Keane explains why she was passionate about establishing these awards: 

“Since 1983, I have been fortunate to call UNCG my academic home.  Over these years, I have served in various administrative and leadership roles within the Psychology Department, most currently as the Director of Clinical Training.  These experiences have given me a broad perspective of the dedication, commitment and talent of the graduate and undergraduate students we serve.  This, in combination with my mentorship of now over 50 PhD graduates and the research supervision of dozens of undergraduates has made me acutely aware that our exceptional students go on to have amazing careers in a variety of fields. Alumni represent the quality, scope and impact of our training in tangible ways and by honoring them we also honor the dedication of the numerous faculty who have contributed to their successful trajectories.  What better way to do this than by establishing Alumni awards?” 


  1. The “5 under 10 award”

The “5 Under 10” Alumni are outstanding Psychology Department alumni who graduated within the past 10 years and who are recognized as emerging leaders in their chosen career path.  We expect that over time, the nominees and award winners will represent diverse careers and professions.  What unifies them is their passion, commitment, dedication and accomplishments. All “5 under 10’s” are making professional and/or community contributions that are meaningful, noteworthy, and transformative and bring recognition to UNCG.

  1. The Distinguished NC Alumni Award -Transforming NC one person at a time

This award will recognize one Psychology Department graduate each year whose work has been visionary and who has had a significant and lasting impact on residents of North Carolina.

  1. The Distinguished Alumni Award

This individual has made long-term contributions and has been recognized for scholarly, teaching achievement and/or service to the field or profession. This person has attained prominence within psychology or a related profession on a local, state, regional, national and/or global level. 


Undergraduate, MA and PhD Psychology department alumni are eligible for these awards. There are no restrictions regarding graduation date for either of the Distinguished Alumni Awards.


We welcome nominations from faculty, administrators, students, alumni, community members, individuals or organizations familiar with the accomplishments of our alumni.  Self-nominations are welcome.

All eligible applicants who were nominated last year will be sent a new application packet for consideration in 2023.

To nominate yourself or an individual (name and contact information) click here. Once the form is received, nominees will be sent a brief questionnaire to summarize their accomplishments.

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