Norman B. Anderson Research Award

The Department of Psychology offers the Norman B. Anderson Research Award to provide for a research opportunity that would otherwise be difficult to achieve with a focus of contributing to, or benefiting from, diversity.

This award will provide $2,000 to assist in the research of one student per year. The funds can be used for any costs associated with a graduate level research project (including, but not limited to, recruitment costs, remuneration, supplies, software packages, local travel*).

  1. The call for applications will be the beginning of the Fall semester, with the deadline being Sept 30.
  2. Psychology graduate students in their 2nd year or later at UNCG are eligible to apply.
  3. Applications are to be no more than 3 pages single spaced. They must include the background for the study, the methods, how diversity is involved, and a proposed budget.
  4. The NARA committee will make the final decision. The committee (Head, faculty rep, diversity club rep) will be selected each year with a concerted effort to avoid conflicts of interest (i.e., members will only agree to serve if they are not submitting or supervising a submission). The Head will recuse from the decision if involved in a conflict of interest.

Norman B. Anderson, PhD, trained as a clinical psychologist, has had a wide-ranging career as a national leader, first as a scientist and tenured professor studying health disparities and mind/body health, and later as an executive in government, non-profit, and higher education sectors.