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Marcinowski enjoys grant success in Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr. Emily Marcinowski is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Physical Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Emily earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at UNCG in 2015 under the direction of Dr. George Michel in the Infant Development Center. Her research program focuses on the way in which emerging motor skills affect cognition and language in children with typical and atypical development. Emily has published her research in several prestigious academic journals, including Developmental Psychobiology, Infant Behavior and Development, and International Journal of Behavioral Development.

Recently, Emily was awarded a research grant from Children’s Hospital of Richard Research Fund to investigate the “Relationship between motor, cognitive and language skills in typically developing infants: an extension of the START-Play clinical trial.” Along with Dr. Stacey Dusing, she will investigate how sitting and reaching skills change the development of cognition and language during infancy.

Emily credits Dr. Michel for providing the mentorship that enabled her to establish her own independent research program, “UNCG and, in particular, George Michel have given me good critical thinking skills, a great understanding of research design, and excellent interdisciplinary training.  I know that these skills have enabled me to succeed as a postdoctoral fellow, and eventually, as a faculty researcher.”