Why Psychology?

Why PsychologyPsychology is a discipline that can prepare you for a number of career paths. Some graduates pursue advanced studies in psychology, counseling, law, medicine, education, nursing, and other disciplines focused on human behavior. Others enter the workforce immediately, contributing their skills in health care, government, teaching professions, or research settings.

Whether you choose a career in psychology or decide to pursue another type of profession, our program will prepare you in terms of fostering your speaking, writing, analytical thinking, creativity, and ability to relate to other people.

So, why do students choose to major in Psychology at UNCG?

Why PsychologyHere are some reasons that you should consider when deciding whether to pursue a degree in our department.

– Strong research training available at the undergraduate level, with close supervision and experiences working in research laboratories studying a variety of topics, including child development, depression, memory and learning, psychopathology, and biological bases of behavior.

– Exceptional breadth in training in terms of classroom based experiences and community engaged learning experiences.

– Rigorous undergraduate curriculum with foundational courses in all areas of psychology including biological, cognitive, social, developmental, and clinical psychology, as well as specialized seminars.

– Unique course offerings developed by our own faculty members such as Ethnicity, Development and Psychopathology, Belief in Weird Things, Psychology of Aging, and Psychology of Art, Creativity and Genius.

– Internships: our students work in desirable community placements through a closely supervised internship course, allowing them to obtain valuable work experience on the path toward pursuing their next steps after graduation.

– Careful advising from an advising team, as well as access to a faculty advisor to guide you toward selecting experiences that prepare you for work or graduate school following graduation.

– Over 800 majors to interact with in a variety of settings including the classroom, research labs, department colloquia and brown bags, and our Psi Chi organization for majors with outstanding records of achievement.

Did you know?

Why Psychology–  219 Undergraduate Psychology Majors participated in individually‐supervised research experiences (PSY 433/490)

– 24 Undergraduate Psychology Majors participated in mentored internships in the community (PSY 472)

– Psychology Undergraduate Students represented 15% of all presenters campus‐wide at this year’s Research Expo

– 23 students delivered a research presentation at a local or national research conference and several co-authored papers with faculty members

– Students are heading to medical schools, Masters’ programs at UNC-Chapel Hill, Western Carolina, UNC Charlotte, Texas A& M, Towson State University, and doctoral programs at UNCG, University of Tennessee, and NC State, among other schools and programs

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