Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

POR0194_Levi_Baker_RussellLevi R. Baker
Email: lrbakerr@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Social Psychology
Close relationships, including relationship maintenance and problem solving; self beliefs, including self-esteem, shyness, and social anxiety
Janet BoseovskiJanet Boseovski
Office: Eberhart 274
Phone: 336-256-0015
Email: jjboseov@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Developmental Psychology
Social cognition in early to late childhood; trait attributions; children's acquisition of knowledge from other people
HS-7403 Peter F. DelaneyPeter F. Delaney
Office: Eberhart 278
Phone: 336- 256-0010
Email: p_delane@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Cognitive Psychology
Memory, planning, problem-solving, skill learning, and expertise.
Kari M. EddingtonKari M. Eddington
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: Eberhart 279
Phone: 336-485-5662
Email: kmedding@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Adult depression, functional neuroimaging, and psychotherapy outcome research.
Robert GuttentagRobert Guttentag
Office: Eberhart 290
Phone: 336-256-0005
Email: rob_guttentag@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Developmental Psychology
Cognitive development, the development of memory, children’s understanding of complex emotions
Michael J. KaneMichael J. Kane
Office: Eberhart 263
Phone: 336-256-1022
Email: mjkane@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Cognitive Psychology
Individual differences in executive control, attention, action, memory, and intelligence.
Susan P. KeaneSusan P. Keane
Director of Clinical Training
Office: Eberhart 273
Phone: 336-256-0569
Email: spkeane@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Childhood psychopathology and children’s social relationships; parent-child interaction; the etiology, assessment, and treatment of peer rejection and neglect.
Douglas Levine
Office: Eberhart 276
Phone: 336-256-2472
Email: dwlevine@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Quantitative Psychology
Research methodology and statistics; longitudinal research designs.
Stuart MarcovitchStuart Marcovitch
Department Head
Office: Eberhart 296
Phone: 336-256-0020
Email: s_marcov@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Developmental Psychology
Cognitive development and conscious control of behavior in childhood and across the lifespan.
Julia MendezJulia Mendez
Office: Eberhart 287
Phone: 336-256-0036
Email: jlmendez@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Developmental impact of poverty, parent involvement in children’s education, risk and resilience, and clinical interventions for ethnic minorities.
George F. MichelGeorge F. Michel
Office: Eberhart 280
Phone: 336-256-0021
Email: gfmichel@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Developmental Psychology
Neuropsychology of sensorimotor development in human infants (particularly handedness); neural and endocrine processes underlying parental care.
Rosemary O, Nelson-GrayRosemery O. Nelson-Gray
Office: Eberhart 268
Phone: 336-334-5817
Email: r_nelson@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Personality or temperament basis of adult psychopathology, with an emphasis on personality disorders, especially borderline personality disorder.
Paul SilviaPaul Silvia
Office: Eberhart 281
Phone: 336-256-0007
Email: p_silvia@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Social Psychology
Interest; aesthetics, creativity, and the arts; self-regulation and effort; experience sampling methods
HS-6413 Gabriela SteinGabriela Livas Stein
Office: Eberhart 275
Email: glstein@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Ethnic differences in the development and treatment of depressive symptoms, and the development of culturally-based intervention programs.
Dayna TouronDayna Touron
Director of Graduate Studies
Office: Eberhart 291
Email: d_touron@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive functioning and skilled performance in older and younger adults; strategy use; skill learning; metacognition.
Suzanne Vrshek-SchallhornSuzanne Vrshek-Schallhorn
Office: Eberhart 270
Phone: 336-256-8538
Email: smschal2@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Genetic, neuroendocrine, and cognitive mechanisms of life stress on depression.
Chris​Chris Wahlheim
Office: Eberhart 266
Email: cnwahlhe@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Cognitive Psychology
Memory, event cognition, cognitive aging, metacognition, and category learning.
Blair WiscoBlair Wisco
Office: Eberhart 261
Phone: 336-256-0004
Email: bewisco@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Cognitive biases and emotion regulation processes in emotional disorders, particularly depression and PTSD.
Ethan ZellEthan Zell
Office: Eberhart 271
Email: e_zell@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Social Psychology
Self and social perception, especially self-evaluation, social comparison, accuracy of self-perception and meta-analysis


SarahSara Estle
Office: Eberhart 288
Email: sjestle@uncg.edu
Behavior Analysis
Ashleigh GallagherAshleigh Gallagher
Office: Eberhart 269
Phone: 336-334-5782
Email: ashleigh.gallagher@uncg.edu
Social Psychology
Pam LadrowPam Ladrow
Senior Lecturer and Director of Advising
Office:Eberhart 286
Phone: 336-256-0008
Email: prladrow@uncg.edu
Biological Psychology

Adjunct Faculty

Neus Barrantes-VidalNeus Barrantes-Vidal
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Personal web page
Clinical Psychology
Etiology, development, and expression of schizotypy and risk for schizophrenia-spectrum disorders
Tom KwapilTom Kwapil
t_kwapil@uncg.eduPersonal Webpage
Clinical Psychology
Schizotypy and schizophrenia from experimental and developmental psychopathology perspectives


Jacquelyn W. WhiteJacquelyn W. White
Email: jwwhite@uncg.edu
Social Psychology
Social psychology of sexual aggression, sexual victimization, social influence, and gender.
Cheryl A. LoganCheryl A. Logan
Email: calogan@uncg.edu
Personal web page
Social Psychology
History of psychology; history of sexuality; applications of psychology and biology to society in the early 20th century; animal communication.
Bob EasonRobert G. EasonPhysiological Psychology
Anthony DeCasper
Email: decasper@uncg.edu
Developmental Psychology
Interests: Early development of human perception and learning from the prenatal period to the preschool years.
Walter Salinger
Email: salinger@uncg.edu
Developmental Psychology
Mechanisms and errors of early brain development; individual differences.
John Seta
Social Psychology
Judgment and decision making; regret; information integration; social comparison
Richard Shull
Email: rlshull@uncg.edu
Behavior Analysis
Assessing response strength; factors that determine the resistance to change of operant behavior (behavioral momentum).
David Soderquist
Email: drsoderq@uncg.edu
Developmental Psychology
Auditory perception and sensory processes in children and adults
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